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  •  DVS’s IP Transit service is a premium wholesale internet service designed for Telecom carriers, ISPs, content and ADN/CDN providers. The service is offered through DVS’s highly resilient global network with single Autonomous Systems (AS) connecting five continents, and provides very low-latency, low-packet loss access to the Internet with IPv4, IPv6 and dual-stack options. The service offers features such as DDOS protection, flat and usage based billing (bandwidth-on-demand/burst capability), online performance reporting, and is customizable to meet customer’s specific needs.

  • DVS IP Transit Key Features
  • Support for dual stack IPv4 - IPv6 migration.
    One-hop connectivity to major Internet peering points and Internet content sites worldwide.
    Available in two options-Standard IP Transit and Premium IP Transit.
    Provides access to DVS extensive portfolio of peering agreements.
    Capacity options includes Full Pipe (fixed bandwidth port), Tiered (scalable port with access to extra capacity for rapid provisioning
        of new bandwidth), or Burstable (Premium service customers only).
    Flexible for local access arrangement with options to order from DVS or apply customers own local line to DVS POP.
    Offered at fixed, average and available (95/5) billing method catering to different customer needs.
    Variable bandwidth options from T1/E1 to 45 Mbps, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
    Online Reporting show circuit maximum, average and current data rate per incoming and outgoing direction.
    Committed SLA.

  • DVS IP Transit Benefit
    ㆍTechnology Ethernet over MPLS, BGP4/OSPF international routing, un-contested capacities.
    ㆍCoverage Our network is expanding rapidly in line with your needs. Our POPs are in convenient and strategic sites, making access to our facilities simple, reliable and inexpensive.
    ㆍFlexibility Scalable bandwidth on demand with rapid provisioning times. The granularity factor allows you to match your bandwidth purchase closely with your needs, meet unpredictable traffic levels, and take advantage of business opportunities as they arise. Our service features include fast response times and advanced performance. Coupled with our high-speed national IP backbone, Gigabit interconnections with regional IX/NAPs, 10/100Mbps bi-directional broadband access, etc. you can choose to enjoy cost and performance benefits by distributing IP traffic regionally and directly from/to overseas partners and end users.
    ㆍScalability Thanks to competitive and flexible pricing models to suit your requirements, the service is fully scalable and can grow with your business needs.
    ㆍQoS Traffic priority with low latency across all regions, enabling business connectivity that is always reliable and available.
    ㆍService Level
    With established SLAs, you know what to expect from us and can easily keep track of our performance and service levels.
    ㆍCosts Low capital outlay and easy to track expenditure.
    ㆍConnection Direct "peering" minimises extra AS hop counts that results in less chance of congestion and increases performance for your customers.
    24 x 7 technical support plus proactive and supportive account management to help you whenever and wherever you need it.