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  •  Enterprises require always on connectivity but their bandwidth requirements maybe variable. Larger companies may implement ad hoc projects that require greater collaboration and information sharing while growing enterprise may demand more bandwidth to support business expansion. In both cases, they need the flexibility to quickly and seamlessly increase bandwidth capacity. DVS Metro Ethernet offers enterprises a wide range of bandwidth options for efficient, highly resilient and high quality point-to-point Internet access. By offering always-on symmetric bandwidth, it can provide dedicated access to all types of bandwidth-hungry, mission critical web-based applications and communications services.

  • DVS Metro Ethernet Key Features
  • Support for dual stack IPv4 - IPv6 migration.
    Scalable, always-on connectivity to LAN or WAN.
    Redundant enterprise-grade core network.
    Support bandwidth hungry enterprise applications including file transfer, IP Telephony, video conferencing, multimedia applications, e-
         commerce and VPN.
    Special routing for better network performance.
    Ethernet Port with support for up to 100Mbps bandwidth.
    Simultaneous support for real IP addresses and NAT.
    Permanent connection with guaranteed bandwidth and low latency.
    Free MRTG report to monitor the traffic load on network links.

  • DVS Metro Ethernet Benefits
  • Cost-effective compared to ATM and Frame technologies.
    No space & power needed at your location: fiber handoff.
    Provides true, scalable multipoint connections as compared to multiple point-to-point connections.
    Modular network and price structure makes adds/moves/drops easier and more efficient.
    No LATA-related restrictions; all intra-metro locations qualify.
    IP add-on available at incremental charge, connection is limited by the designated bandwidth.