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  •  DVS Co-location service provides customers with an ideal environment for their Colocation needs. The service is designed to enable customers to have the ability to install and operate their own IT and telecom equipment in our state-of-the-art Hosting centers, with the benefit of security and environmentally conditioned rack space for optimum equipment performance.

  •  DVS Hosting centers are strategically located Vancouver, Palo Alto, New York, Los Angeles, Sweden, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Istanbul, Milan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Singapore, Manila, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul, in close vicinity of city business centers. The service is designed to offer customers complete control over their equipment, which can be managed remotely through various connectivity options, Safe Hands Service, or by physically visiting the Hosting Centers

  • DVS Colocation Key Features
  • High level, multi-layer security, with 24 x 7 closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring to give you peace of mind.
    AC and DC power solutions backed up by emergency generators to help ensure continuous operations.
    State-of-the-art temperature-controlled environment with redundant HVAC design and raised flooring.
    Advanced fire suppression systems include smoke detection above and raised floors below, and double-interlock,
       pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression.
    Custom Colocation suites can be built to meet your unique requirements.

  • DVS Colocation Benefit
  • Reduce time to market by relying on a fully-equipped and Internet-enabled data center.
    Test new online applications and subscription services quickly without the up-front capital investment normally associated
       with a network platform.
    Relieve local server and connection congestion with a mirror website.
    Enjoy better response times to realize immediate improvements in decision-making, business reporting, productivity
       and collaboration.
    Extend content and applications effectively and economically across your business.