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  •  DVS‘s MPLS VPN service is a Layer-3 virtual private network service offered to regional carriers to seamlessly extend their domestic VPN service to a global footprint. Carrier customers interconnect with DVS’s highly resilient private MPLS backbone through a Network-to-Network interface (NNI), which enables them to access 18 POPs in over 16 countries worldwide, and eliminates the need to establish and manage networks/licenses in foreign countries, or interconnects, CoS mappings, and contracts with individual regional service providers in foreign countries. Carriers may also get inbound business into their region without having to market their services internationally.

    The service is implemented over a private high performance resilient global MPLS / IP backbone and delivered to customer premises with various choices of physical interfaces, topologies, data rates, multicast capabilities, CPEs and other options. The service is offered with 4CoS as standard, and offers customized capabilities to meet your needs.

  • DVS VPN Services Details
  • A single, secure platform for video and voice traffic
    Flexible support for a wide range of interfaces ranging from T-1 to Gigabit Ethernet (including MLPPP)
    Ultra-high security comparable to traditional ATM and Frame Relay
    Rapid transfer methodology and high redundancy for disaster recovery peace-of-mind

  • DVS VPN Services Benefits
  • Ability to easily prioritize network traffic and manage bandwidth to best meet your unique business needs
    Flexibility in designing a custom high-performance, single-network solution to simplify your communications.
    Seamless integration with existing hardware, applications and emerging technologies for increased freedom and savings